Hotel Shree Vithalesh SIGHT SEEN IN NathdwaraHotel Shree Vithalesh
Hotel shri Vthhalesh, Nathdwara Shri Nath ji
Shri Nathdwara Temple Board welcomes you to Shrinathji. The Holy place of the divinity form of Lord Krishna and is the presiding central deity of the Vaishnava sect known as Pushtimarg. Shri Nathdwara (a pathway to Lord Shri Krishna) literally means the gateway to the Lord ShriNathji. This great Vaishnavite shrine was built in the 17th century on spot exactly identified by the Lord himself. The legends have it that the idol of the Lord Krishna was being transferred to safer place from Vrindaban to protect it from the destructive wrath of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. When the idol reached this spot, the wheels of bullock cart it was traveling in, sank axle deep in mud and refused to move further, at all. The accompanying priest realized that this was Lord's chosen spot and the Lord did not want to travel any further. Accordingly a Temple was built here. This is a temple and place of pilgrimage amongst its believers.
Hotel shri Vthhalesh, Nathdwara Vitthal Nath Ji
Shri Vitthalnathji was born in 1516 in Charanat, a village near Varanasi. He was a playful child and had keen interest in the stories of Shri Krishna's childhood. Shri Vitthalnathji was first under his father's guidance, but after Shri Vallabhacharya left this world, he found further instructions and inspiration from his father's main disciple, Damodardas Harsani. Shri Gusainji became the head of the Pushti lineage after the early demise of his elder brother Shri Gopinathji. His contributions to the Grace-Filled lineage are as important as his father's. Shri Gusainji was a master of the non-dual bhakti tradition and wrote some fifty devotional works including commentaries on his father's writings. His teachings provide the necessary keys in order to understand the inner mood of the lineage. His devotional poems in Sanskrit are the only songs that are still sung every day during the seva.
Hotel shri Vthhalesh, Nathdwara Vittal Nath ji ki Gaushala
Thousands of Cows Owned by Lord ShriNathji are kept in Gaushalas (Cowsheds), these are located around Nathdwara. The largest among them is the Nathuwas Gaushala, which is located on the outskirts of Nathdwara. The daily supply of milk for the Lord comes from this Gaushala. The local Brajwasis walk bare feet carrying these milk pots on their shoulders, in huge pots locally known as Gaagar. The cows from Nandvansh are found in this Gaushala.
Hotel shri Vthhalesh, Nathdwara Ganesh Ttekri
Hey Ganesh hummock a lovely place for a picnic in Rajsamand . Located only a short distance from hummock O Ganesh Nathdwara , Nathdwara, Udaipur route some of the Rajkiy Mhowidhaly Mudta be a short cut later on Ganesha that is hummock . Riddhi Siddhi Vinayak temple at the O , daily morning and evening worship and prayers in the temple is here . Moke such as special worship and special philosophy major at the time of Ganesh Cthurti etc etc are featured Ganesha temple are decorated and prepared .
Lal Bagh
Giriraj Parikrama
Giriraj Parikrama
ShriNath ji ki Gaushala
ShreeNathji’s most favorite place – His Personal gaushala is situated about 3 km from His Haveli. Surrounded by hills it is a very picturesque place; with a lot of open grounds. It was planned and built with the Haveli. It houses about 2000 cows with a staff of 50 guwals to take care of them.
Any visit to ShreeNathji is incomplete without a visit here. It is as important as the Mandir. Shreeji likes staying here – in the midst of His beloved ‘Gaumata’-as He calls them.
Shreeji’s Personal cow is Lalitha today; her mother was Rukmani who died about 5-6 years back. Three of the very old staff who having here for ever are – Bansi kaka; Chagni Bai (Ma); Kashi Ramji (chacha ).
Hotel shri vthhalesh, Nathdwara
Hotel Shri Vithalesh,Nathdwara Shri Nath Ji Nathdwara