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Kankroli (Rajsamand) is a city located in the district of Rajsamand in Rajasthan, India. It is located about 40 miles (64 km) north of Udaipur and forms a twin city with Rajsamand. Rajsamand is famous for rajsamand lake built by Maharaja Rajsingh.Along the rajsamand lake is the beautiful temple placed here called Dwarikadheesh Temple.Actually Kankroli is the main city in rajsamand, 2km from Rajnagar at NH-8 Udaipur to Ajmer way. [1] Kankroli is famous for the JK Tyre plant, which is one of the leading Tyre Manufacturers in India. A whole village is named after it known asJayKay Gram.
Rajsamand is a town of Rajasthan state of western India. The city is named for Rajsamand Lake, an artificial lake created in the 17th century by Rana Raj Singh of Mewar. It is the administrative headquarters of Rajsamand District
Dwarkadish Temple
As with the Shrinathji at Nathdwara, the idol of Dwarikadheesh ji was installed in a    new temple at Kankroli in V.S.1726, the town nestles by the beautiful lake of Rajsamand, which was built by Maharana Raj Singh. History reveals that the king Ambrish worshipped Prabhu Dwarikadheesh at Arbuda hills [Mount Abu ] from where the deity was shifted by  various devotees finally  to Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya ji. The third grand son of Vallabhacharya, Shri Bal Krishna Lal ji took the possession of the deity and since then, Kankroli is known as third peeth of vaishnav religion or “SHUDDHADWAIT” or “PUSHTIMARG”
Hotel shri Vthhalesh, Nathdwara Eklingji Temple
Built in 734 A.D., a complex enclosing 108 temples with a flight of steps leading down to the Kund (water tank). The temples are exquisitely carved out of sandstone and marble, and are devoted to Lord Shiva, the family deity of the Mewar rulers. it has an ornate 'mandap' or pillared hall, the canopy of the huge pyramidical roof is composed of hundreds of knots. The sanctorum has a four faced image of Lord Shiva, and in front of it on the outside, beneath a valuted roof, a life size idol of Nandi, the bull, graces the tample which is surrounded by hills.
Hotel shri Vthhalesh, Nathdwara Khamnor
Khamnor is situated in Nathdwara tehsil and located in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan. It is one of 216 villages in nathdwara Block along with villages like Gurjargarh and Dabun. Nearby railway station of Khamnor is Nathdwara
Hotel Shree Vithalesh Kumbhalgarh Fort
Kumbhalgarh fort can be included while listing the places of interest in Udaipur . Kumbhalgarh fort is 64 km north of Udaipur and is standing on the surface of the sky reaching Aravilli ranges. Rana Kumbha built the fort of Kumbhalgarh and it became a safe shelter for the baby and future king Udai Singh. Also it was a safe hideout to countless Mewar rulers during the difficult times. It is also the birthplace of the honorable Maharana Pratap. Several massive armies had to lay their weapons under this massive and tough fort but unluckily the fort once turned out to be aggressive to its own people. Once when the combined army of Mughal and Amber attacked the fort the hideout became their deathbed, as there was a shortage of water. Because of its rough terrains it can also be said as one of the exotic destinations of Udaipur .
Hotel shri Vthhalesh, Nathdwara Haldighati
If historic battles and mighty deeds of the heroic soldiers stimulate your nerves then make your vehicle run to the Haldighat in Udaipur . There are innumerable such places of interest in and around Udaipur . But Haldighat has an additional importance, as it is the battlefield of the legendary king Mahrana Pratap and his equally fearless loyal horse Chetak. For travelling for holiday in Haldighat near Udaipur you will get all types of communication beginning from deluxe bus, cabs, private auto rickshaws, taxis and tongas . Haldighat is a thrilling holiday place for the tourists as it flashes the horrifying merciless battlefield in front of the eyes. It seems that the vast rough terrain covered with brown sand had turned to red color by the vulnerable battle fought between Maharana Pratap of Mewar and Emperor Akbar of the Mughal dynasty. While speaking of this terrible battle a mention should be made of the loyal horse Chetak who despite his dreadful wounds carried his master to a safe place before it laid in his death bed.
Hotel Shree Vithalesh Ranak Pur
Ranakpur is a village located in Desuri tehsil near Sadri town in the Pali district of Rajasthan in western India. It is located between Jodhpur andUdaipur. 162 km from Jodhpur and 91 km from Udaipur, in a valley on the western side of the Aravalli Range. The Nearest Railway Station to reach Ranakpur is Falna Railway station. Ranakpur is one among the most famous places to visit in Pali, Rajasthan. Ranakpur is easily accessed by road from Udaipur. Ranakpur is widely known for its marble Jain temple, said to be the most spectacular of the Jain temples.[1] There is also a small Sun temple which is managed by the Udaipur royal family trust.
Hotel shri Vthhalesh, Nathdwara Udaipur Tourism
Udaipur is known as the City of Lakes, is a city, a Municipal Council and the administrative headquarters of, the Udaipur district in the state of Rajasthan in western India. It is the historic capital of the former kingdom of Mewar in Rajputana Agency. Lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar Lake, Jaisamand, Udai Sagar and Swaroop Sagar in this city are considered some of the most beautiful lakes in the state. Apart from its glorious history, culture and scenic location, it is also known for its Rajput-era palaces. The Lake Palace, for instance, covers an entire island in the Pichola Lake. Many of the palaces have been converted into luxury hotels.
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Hotel shri Vthhalesh, Nathdwara Chittortgarh
Alauddin Khilji was the first to sack Chittaur in 1303 A.D. overpowered by a passionate desire to possess the regal beauty, queen Padmini. Legend has it, that he saw her face in the reflection of a mirror and was struck by her mesmerising beauty. But the noble queen preferred death to dishonour and committed ‘Jauhar'.
Hotel Shree Vithalesh Charbhija Vish Temple
The temple was built in 1444AD. According to the inscription inside the temple, village name was Badri, therefore, the idol is considered as BadriNath. The deity of Charbhuja Nath is considered to be miraculous. The idol of Shri Charbhuja Ji is 85 centimeters high. The four arms of the idol hold conch, discus, mace and a lotus flowers. The discus and the mace symbolize dynamic power, energy and prowess. Some casts like Rajputs and the Gurjars hold a special reverence for this temple. Rajputsattribute a sword and shield as symbol of Rajput chivalry in every darshan. The temple is made by mirrors, Lime mortars and Marble. The excellent work of the mirror is done in the original temple. The shutters of the inner temple are made of gold while outer shutters are made of silver. Garud ji is installed in the other courtyard. Stone elephants are placed on the both sides of the entrance. Temple is in the open space. The temple is visited by thousands of pilgrims.
Hotel shri vthhalesh, Nathdwara
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